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Жидкость Деканг подходит ко всем типам электронных сигаретAlong with the advent of electronic cigarettes, there was a liquid for electronic cigarettes as it is the basis of any and all electronic cigarettes in the world. At the dawn of the electronic cigarette liquid is not sold separately, but with the advent of various modifications of cigarettes automatically increased the demand for liquid. Having considered the economic benefits, the users, dealers and manufacturers have come to the conclusion that must be able to self-fueling. Liquid for electronic cigarettes or e-liquid is used for filling all types of electronic cigarette their mods, electronic hookah, Drip machines and so on.

Dekang e-liquid quickly won worldwide popularity due to the fact that the basis of the production was based on the high-quality materials and cooperation with international institutions specializing in the production of flavorings. Liquid Dekang stands on three pillars of quality, safety, naturalness.

What's it made?

For the manufacture of flavorings factory Dekang uses cutting-edge molecular technology for the production of extracts from natural plants and materials.

Molecular technology for natural extracts

extractsIt is important to emphasize that the molecular structure of plant extracts is very fragile and easily destroyed. It is important to keep the molecular structure in the manufacturing process, or significantly reduced aroma. This is the main reason for the failure of other manufacturers have tried to reproduce the tastes Dekang. Molecular diffusion is called due to the random motion of molecules gradual process of mutual penetration of substances (liquid or gas), adjacent to each other and located in the macroscopic alone.

The same process of extraction of biologically active substances from plant material is complicated by a number of features. First, on the way to the substances contained in the cell is the cell wall, the physiological condition which may be different. For example, no matter how soaked in cold water just dug a piece of licorice root, which has a sickly sweet taste, the water takes on a sweet taste, as the cell walls do not miss dissolved in the cell sap of glycyrrhizin and sugary substances. In this case only the penetration of water into the cells (osmosis). Thus, the extraction should be considered as a complex process consisting of separate elements: dialysis desorption dissolution and diffusion occurring independently and simultaneously integrally as one overall process. The extraction process begins with the penetration of particles into the extractant (pieces) of plant material. Initially on macro then microcracks on intercellular strokes and mezhkletochnikam extractant reaches cells and is able to diffuse through the cell walls (dialysis). As the penetration of extracting its contents into the cell (who was sleeping in drying plants in a small lump) begins to swell and go into solution (desorption and dissolution). Then, due to the difference between the concentration of the solution in the cell and outside it begins molecular transfer of solutes in the reverse direction through the cell wall (dialysis) in a first extractant, which is in intercellular and intracellular passages, and then the extractant fills micro-and macro-cracks and finally in the extractant washing a piece of plant material.

High-quality food propylene glycol

propglycolpropglycol basis for the production of high quality food is added propylene glycol, which, in view of the complexity of manufacture, bought in America at the pharmaceutical company Dow Chemical.

Propylene glycol is a safe substance and listed in the categories of GRAS (list of substances recognized as Safe), compiled by the Office for Drugs and Foods USA (FDA) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Propylene glycol is a colorless, viscous material, odorless. Due to their chemical properties of propylene glycol, is an indispensable solvent in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries. This is to prove that it does not affect the qualitative composition of the products and therefore no adverse effect on the human body.

Another feature of propylene glycol is its ability to retain moisture. For this reason, it is almost always an element of inhalers and nebulizers. With the help of the necessary materials are transported rapidly to the respiratory tract. In many respects this feature is explained by the use of substances in electronic cigarettes. Medical purified nicotine contained in the liquid Dekang, dissolved in propylene glycol. Thus, the penetration of nicotine into the airways becomes less difficult task.

Scientists are no reported side effects from the use of the substance. Therefore, as the basis for the production can be considered completely safe.

Completely purged of impurities nicotine

naturalA very important factor in the production of high-quality liquid is nicotine. Nicotine (C10H14N2) - a chemical liquid alkaloid. Basically contained in tobacco (0.3-5% of dry weight) and in minute amounts in some other solanaceous plants (tomato, potato, green pepper, eggplant). The name comes from the name of the French ambassador to Portugal, Jean Nicot, who first brought tobacco to France. Nicotine readily oxidized to nicotinic acid (vitamin B 3).


Nicotine in its pure form is a colorless, oily liquid having a pungent odor and pungent taste. When stored on a yellowish-brown tint.

In order to obtain a purified nicotine Dekang factory, which also focuses on the medical industry, there are laboratory which produces purified nicotine, which is then under strict control of the production and the dosage was added to a liquid formulation if required.

Elite varieties of tobacco for tobacco flavors

tobaccoDekang tobacco flavors. For tobacco flavors E-liquid Dekang used only high-quality tobacco elite varieties. Since tobacco flavor as well as all the other manufactured by Dekang flavors are produced using sophisticated molecular technology, and only natural ingredients, it has provided unsurpassed quality flavor and taste. The only way to maximize the identity of taste in the liquid. This fact makes the products of unsurpassed leader in the world of electronic smoking. Varieties of tobacco in the world, there is a huge number, and only a small part is equated to the elite. Dekang company monitors trends and provides its customers only the best.

On the first day of the base of the plant, the liquid Dekang made from 100% natural ingredients that are completely safe for human health. With this approach, the liquid Dekang gained worldwide popularity and gained the support of many customers around the world. Dekang liquid due to its quality has managed to obtain international certificates that give confidence in the safety of the product.

At present the company Dekang Ukraine offers 50 different flavors of liquid nicotine and that about 170 options to choose your favorite flavor. The range is constantly expanding.