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Dekang - Silver Label


Dekang Ukraine Company is pleased to tell you the good news that in our range has provided a new series of liquid - Silver label.

Liquid Series Silver label - it is flawless and consistent quality liquid Dekang, the new, stylish, modern package. A bottle made of high quality edible dark plastic, which prevents sunlight and preserves the flavor as long. The cover of the original form of shear ring, prevents unauthorized access to the contents of the vial and is equipped with a system of protection of children. Thin dispenser "nose" can fill most of the models of electronic cigarettes, before using the tip of a sealed dispenser "nose" gently cut or break the needle..

Additionally sealed bottle thermofilm, which contains information about safety precautions in 4 languages ​​(English, French, German, Flemish), information about the date of manufacture and final term use.

Label with high-quality printing, on which is placed a short instruction. Also on the label is certainly a distinctive mark of authenticity liquid Dekang "Authentic Dekang".

Taking care of their customers the company has introduced an exclusive Dekang additional degree of protection holographic patterns that are visible on the label of a sealed bottle disappear after opening the fuser. This unique technology implemented by, for maximum protection against counterfeiting of their products, has recently gained huge popularity in the world.

Dekang Company believes that these innovations will appreciate the quality of the seminal fluid, and protect from buying counterfeit products, giving them an opportunity to enjoy the natural fluid number 1 in the world.